Why choose Libreband?


Love My Libre was founded on the basis of transforming a Libre sensor from a medical device to sports accessory.

Our armbands – termed Librebands® - are designed specifically to provide protection from accidental knocks when wearing the Freestyle Libre out and about and when playing sports or exercising. Since our launch in 2019, we’ve received many positive comments from customers about how wearing the armband makes them less self-conscious and actually gives them confidence.

All the elements of the Libreband have been designed to ensure comfort with a high specification in the materials used, attending to every detail, even when not evident to the wearer. The armband is made from neoprene with adjustable fastening and secures with Velcro®, meaning it can be used repeatedly unlike plasters or patches.

Librebands have been extensively tested for durability in a variety of situations including at a water park, in a sauna and whilst participating in a wide range of gym classes, from yoga to more hard-core body combat. Previous customers include a competitive swimmer and triathelete!

Librebands are available in a range of colours intended to match in with current trends in Athleisure wear. The faceplate designs allow wearers to make a positive statement about their condition, and the straps are individually edged to complement the design. All production and assembly is carried out in the UK.

Libreband is only available from Love My Libre® Ltd.

See how Librebands compare with patches:


This is not an endorsement of FreeStyle Libre[1] or Abbott. The author has type 1 diabetes and uses the FreeStyle Libre 2 which is prescribed by the NHS.

[1] FreeStyle Libre is a registered trademark of Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

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