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Libreband Armband to Protect Freestyle Libre Sensor cgm, Pewter Type 01


Do you need to protect your sensor from doorframes, straps and everyday knocks?

Secure it with a sports style Libreband, worn in a similar way to how a runner wears a phone on their arm.

  • Protective armband for FreeStyle Libre 1 & 2
  • Sports style wearable CGM design
  • Water-resistant neoprene strap
  • Suitable for sport, exercise & swimming
  • Durable for repeated use
  • Fully adjustable sizes for adults and children

Wearing a Libreband transforms the appearance of a medical device into a wearable accessory, giving you the confidence to wear your sensor without the worry of it being knocked or falling off.

Librebands are perfect for holidays, exercising, swimming and everyday wear.

Size: S (20-30cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Great armband

We've tried all sorts of stickers to keep my 6 year old daughter's libre in place however this has been the best solution. It looks neat and tidy and she can take it off when she likes. The customer service was brilliant from the start as we were worried about the sizing.

Deborah H.

Fantastic! Had to return for different size and Samantha sent new one the next day. Libreband protects my sensor so well and invaluable when swimming. Love it!

Elizabeth M.
Liber and armband

Great. It arrived really quickly and is just what I needed. Don’t worry so much about my libre coming off now!!

Lynette C.

Excellent, no more ripping off of the sensor! Armband protected sensor while I was sat in the paddling pool and was really comfortable even in the heatwave ☀️☀️☀️

Tracy B.
2nd one

Fast delivery arrived within two days of ordering. Great service. And protects the sensor from being knocked off which I kept doing before I got the armband. Thank you.


Frequenty Asked Questions

Wearing a Libreband or Dexband will help to protect a sensor from the friction caused by swimming and being in water, such as in a hot tub. The cover and neoprene armband are themselves water-resistant, however, the product does not provide any additional waterproof protection to the Libre sensor - nor do stickers or patches.

Love My Libre customers include competitive athletes, who have worn our armbands for swimming and water activities and have found it helpful for protection and in giving them confidence in water whilst wearing a sensor, especially when doing so for an extended period.

There's more about Swimming with a Libreband in our blog here or see our YouTube video, click here.

Yes,  you can easily scan through the cover, just as it can scan through clothing. Wearing a Libreband does not affect the performance of a Libre sensor or the ability to scan to get glucose levels.

The armbands sold by Love My Libre can be washed in lukewarm water. Add a little liquid soap if needed, but avoid rubbing the neoprene. The strap will usually air-dry in around 20 minutes.

Our Libreband and Dexband straps are made from a neoprene fabric which contains rubber, Styrene Butadiene Rubber, (SBR) sandwiched with polyester spandex, and therefore does not contain latex. However, the rubber is stuck together with adhesives which might cause a reaction in some circumstances.

We do not accept any liability for any adverse reaction to the use of the product and you are advised to seek medical advice to assess suitability if you have allergies or are susceptible to any skin irritation.

Please watch our video below to ensure you get a good fitting.

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