Libreband+BluCon Armband Cover for Libre Sensor CGM, Magenta Swirl

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Libreband+BluCon Armband, Magenta Swirl

  • Protective armband cover for FreeStyle Libre 1 & 2 wearable CGM with BluCon Nightrider
  • Sports style wearable design
  • Water-resistant neoprene strap
  • Suitable for sport, exercise & swimming
  • Durable for repeated use
  • Fully adjustable sizes for adults and children

Need to protect your sensor and Blucon?

Librebands are sports-style armbands that will secure your valuable wearable devices and give a similar look to how a runner wears a phone on their arm.

Wearing a Libreband will give you confidence in wearing your sensor and transform the appearance from a medical device into a sports-style accessory. They are perfect for holidays, going out and everyday wear giving you the freedom to wear your CGM without the worry of it falling off.

The soft neoprene strap (not elastic) of a Libreband provides comfort and protection that dries quickly making it suitable for wearing whilst swimming and other water activities.

In addition, this breathable fabric means that these armbands are a good option for guarding a sensor when playing sports and exercising.

Available in a range of sizes for adults and children, Librebands are fully adjustable with a slider for correct sizing. A velcro fastening allows for an individual fit to ensure the sensor stays secure without feeling too tight. The strap edges coordinate with the face plate and slider colour.

Librebands can easily be put on or taken off as preferred and are durable to be worn time and time again. Wearing a Libreband for swimming can reduce the likelihood of skin irritation when compared to stickers and patches.

Librebands are original products of Love My Libre Ltd. We manufacture the components in the UK from laser sintered nylon, using an advanced production process. Assembly of the armbands is completed onsite in the West Midlands.

Care instructions:

Hand wash with a gentle soap. Avoid rubbing and dry naturally where possible.