Dexband Armband Cover for Dexcom G6 Sensor CGM, Pewter/Black, T1D Warrior Design

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Dexband, Pewter/Black, T1D Warrior Design

Sports-style armband cover to protect a Dexcom G6 sensor from knocks and prevent it from falling off.

Dexbands transform the appearance of a sensor from a medical device into a stylish accessory. 

Durable for repeated wear, a Dexband will last up to 12 months dependent on an individual's usage. And, unlike patches, Dexbands can be worn or taken off as often as you like.

The Dexband is edged in a matching colour to coordinate with the face plate and is fully adjustable using a custom designed slider which is also colour matched. 

The strap is designed to be a comfort fit and is made using neoprene ensuring it is water-resistant. The casing and components are manufactured from laser sintered nylon, using an advanced production process.

Dexbands are suitable for wearing all day, at night, when playing sports, exercising and swimming. Available in small and medium/large sizes.