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Libreband Armband for Freestyle Libre 1 & 2, Pewter Pyramids


Do you need to protect your sensor from knocks?

Secure your Freestyle Libre 1 or 2 with a Libreband and protect your sensor from doorframes, straps and everyday knocks.

Fully participate in sports, swimming and water activities with Libreband confidence!

🛡High quality protective cover:
Manufactured to be tough and durable against knocks.

💧 Water-resistant neoprene strap:
Suitable for swimming and water activities. Prevents friction of water affecting sensor adhesion. 

🏀 Suitable for sports and exercise:
Neoprene strap that stretches with activity to securely hold sensor in place.

🪶 Comfortable to wear:
Avoids skin irritation associated with tape and stickers. No elastic or latex.

🙌  Easy to put on and remove:
Wear as and when needed. Replaces the need for an overlay or patch.

⏳ Long lasting protection: 
Reusable for repeated wear. Use for months, and many sensors.

💪Flexible sizing:
Flexible sizing with slider adjustment and secure velcro fastening. Sizes for adults and children.

Libreband armbands transform the appearance of a medical device into a wearable sports-style accessory.

Wearing an armband gives confidence to wearing a sensor and takes away the worry of it being knocked or falling off.

Perfect for holidays, exercising, swimming and everyday wear.


FreeStyle Libre sensor shown for illustration only. No sensor is included with any purchase of this product.

Size: S (20-30cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Jane Scargill
Super product

I have bought 2 of these items and love them. They look good, they are easy to apply, they stay in place, they keep water out. What more could you ask for. Highly recommend it.

Andrew Smith
Armband for Libre 2 Pryramids

Good service and armband does the job well. Very expensive though!

Malcolm Pickering

Excellent service ,ordering and delivery. Got to be worth every penny of the price when you consider the inconvenience and cost of knocking your sensor off on the door frame.
Highly recommended

Bradley P

Really pleased with my band, fits really well and is comfy. Does a great job of protecting my sensor when playing sports etc. would definitely buy again. Thank you!

Joseph Poynter
Best Armband on the market

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just a little over a year ago at the age of 33, I have played contact sports at professional levels but of course retired but kept myself in training, I have recently been having problems going back to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with sensor after sensor coming off so felt I was at the end of the line of being able to do this anymore, until I got my LoveMyLibre Band, it is comfortable and keeps my sensor protected, I still wrap a bandage over the top just to make sure it doesn’t move but that’s just my paranoia kicking in lol, I did try other bands from Amazon but they either kept popping off as they were designed poorly or they just didn’t really do anything other than act as a visual aid. The lovemylibre also comes in various designs and colours, but I chose the grey pyramid design and to be honest has gave me a little more self confidence wearing t-shirts without getting comments like “is that your Mrs tracking system” or “what is that THING on your arm!” I would love to do a full video review on this for my new YouTube and Instagram channel that I will be launching the end of the year to show people tips and tricks to still stay active, diet, and live a normal day to day while dealing with diabetes, please let me know if your ok with me doing so LoveMyLibre team? My personal instagram is @joetrottz if anyone would like to get in contact with me to ask questions on this product, and I will be as honest with you as possible, but I have to say for the price and what it’s used for I give a 5* rating!


Frequenty Asked Questions

Wearing a Libreband or Dexband will help to protect a sensor from the friction caused by swimming and being in water, such as in a hot tub. The cover and neoprene armband are themselves water-resistant, however, the product does not provide any additional waterproof protection to the Libre sensor - nor do stickers or patches.

Love My Libre customers include competitive athletes, who have worn our armbands for swimming and water activities and have found it helpful for protection and in giving them confidence in water whilst wearing a sensor, especially when doing so for an extended period.

There's more about Swimming with a Libreband in our blog here or see our YouTube video, click here.

Yes,  you can easily scan through the cover, just as it can scan through clothing. Wearing a Libreband does not affect the performance of a Libre sensor or the ability to scan to get glucose levels.

The armbands sold by Love My Libre can be washed in lukewarm water. Add a little liquid soap if needed, but avoid rubbing the neoprene. The strap will usually air-dry in around 20 minutes.

Our Libreband and Dexband straps are made from a neoprene fabric which contains rubber, Styrene Butadiene Rubber, (SBR) sandwiched with polyester spandex, and therefore does not contain latex. However, the rubber is stuck together with adhesives which might cause a reaction in some circumstances.

We do not accept any liability for any adverse reaction to the use of the product and you are advised to seek medical advice to assess suitability if you have allergies or are susceptible to any skin irritation.

Please watch our video below to ensure you get a good fitting.

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