Libreband+MiaoMiao M2 Armband Cover for Libre Sensor CGM, Magenta/Black, TriGrid Design

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Libreband+MM2 Cover, Magenta/Black, TriGrid Design

The Libreband+ is an armband designed specifically to protect the Libre sensor from knocks and prevent it from falling off. This variation is for wearing the Libre sensor with a MiaoMiao 2 transmitter.

Wearing the band transforms the appearance from a medical device into a stylish armband.

The Libreband+ is edged in a matching colour to coordinate with the face plate and is fully adjustable using a custom designed slider which is also colour matched. 

The band is designed to be a comfort fit and is made using neoprene ensuring it is water-resistant. The casing and components are manufactured from laser sintered nylon, using an advanced production process.

Librebands+ are suitable for wearing all day, at night, when playing sports or exercising. Available in small and medium/large sizes.