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Lovely cover

They are very comfy, not been swimming with it on, but wearing it in the shower, it does take a long time to dry, my only quibble 😁

Great especially if busy you don't need to worry about your sensor.

Been wanting something like this for a while but manufacturers didn’t suggest this existed so happy found this to help in water activity.

I wear it in the shower to make sure sensor doesn't get too wet.

Fantastic product. I bought for a snorkelling holiday to the Maldives as I was sure my Libre wouldn't last the full week without some sort of cover. This was so easy to use and very comfortable. Lasted the full two weeks with no issues and didn't lift at all. Very impressed - I shall be using it regularly now for water sports. Excellent customer service too, sending out to me quickly. Thanks so much!

this is the second one i have bought after the hospital very kindly taking the last one off and throwing it away when i was admitted, they are brilliant and i have never had a libre fall off since buying my first one.

I was a bit sceptical about it keeping my dexcom dry and secure but it was fantastic, it didn't move at all during my aqua aerobics class, well worth the money x

Great product for using while swimming and very comfortable.

I love these bands, I have two now. I found that after 8-10 days my sensor would fall off. I tried patches but I would get a reaction from them. These are brilliant they keep it safe on my arm for the whole 14 days. There easy to watch and also adjust if needed.

Have just changed from a Libre to a Dexcom. The Libre band was so good I obviously had to buy a Dexcom.

It protects sensor being bumped off in workshop.

The way that this Dexband safely protects my sensor is an absolute miracle. Definitely worth the price. It's so great, I would give it six stars if I could!

Brilliant, husband has used it for 7 days snorkelling & libre still working.

Good quality, nice fit and looks good too.

I have now bought 2 armbands for swimming so I have a dry armband to replace the wet one.

I love my armband so much it’s great for swimming or in the shower this is my 3rd one and I highly recommend them the service from Suzanne is fantastic.

Since purchasing this arm band I have been able to keep my freestyle libra 2 sensor on my arm. This is a big plus as I was loosing quite a few sensors prior to purchase.

I like how light and comfortable it is to wear! I'm a swimmer and love how it protects the sensor while swimming. I wish the Velcro patch on the band was wider - this would make it easier to adjust and fit while in the water.

I live in Australia & I just received my Libreband it was a very quick delivery. I bought the Libreband because I work in childcare & need it to protect my Libre 2 from little hands, it has worked amazingly so far & is comfortable even in hot weather.

Excellent product. No need to worry about showering or losing the sensor. Comfortable to wear also.

I just totally love it, it does everything I wanted it to do.