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In this update we are covering the news stories from June 2024.
  • 7 min read
In this Spring update we are covering diabetes related news stories for April and early May including medtech updates, research and forthcoming events.
  • 6 min read
In this update we are covering diabetes related news stories, medtech updates, research and events from March 2024.
  • 7 min read
In this blog we're explaining what the Plus means for FreeStyle Libre 2 Plus and how it compares.
Explaining the problem with the Slimming World partnership & why T1Ds particularly feel abandoned by Diabetes UK.
Diabetes Awareness month, November 2023. Details of events and activities and how to get involved.
Get our free download of tips for diabetes footcare & keep your feet healthy!
Celebrate books with our World Book Day 2023 Quiz for children with diabetes focus. 10 questions on books, characters & storytelling relating to diabetes.
Key terms, phrases and acronyms used in diabetes management and treatment.
Libre Life Briefing from recent polls. Assessing the realities of managing diabetes from the real-life views of persons living with the condition.
All you need to know before getting your sensor wet 💦
Answers to 15 key questions about Libre 3, now launched in Germany.
What you need to know before getting in the water wearing a Libre sensor.

A quick guide to fitting and sizing a Libreband for securing and protection of a Libre sensor.

Thinking of upgrading to Libre 2 sensors? This video will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages.