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Catchup with diabetes-related news stories from February 2024 in our Libre Life Newsletter.
  • 5 min read
Libre Life diabetes-related UK & global news for January 2024 including research updates for type 1 cure and latest Libre Life poll.
  • 8 min read
Catch up with diabetes related news stories for December 2023.
  • 4 min read
Diabetes Awareness month, November 2023. Details of events and activities and how to get involved.
Listing of diabetes-related events for Autumn 2023 including JDRF, Diabetes UK and World Diabetes Day.
Our review of the LibreLink app update giving users in England real-time CGM.
Get our free download of tips for diabetes footcare & keep your feet healthy!
Celebrate books with our World Book Day 2023 Quiz for children with diabetes focus. 10 questions on books, characters & storytelling relating to diabetes.
Key terms, phrases and acronyms used in diabetes management and treatment.
Libre Life Briefing from recent polls. Assessing the realities of managing diabetes from the real-life views of persons living with the condition.
All you need to know before getting your sensor wet 💦
Answers to 15 key questions about Libre 3, now launched in Germany.
What you need to know before getting in the water wearing a Libre sensor.

A quick guide to fitting and sizing a Libreband for securing and protection of a Libre sensor.

Thinking of upgrading to Libre 2 sensors? This video will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages.