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How do Librebands/Dexbands offer better protection?


Love My Libre was founded on the basis of transforming a wearable sensor from a medical device to sports accessory.

Sensor Protection

Our armbands – Librebands®  for FreeStyle Libre and Dexbands for Dexcom ONE and G6 - are designed specifically to protectsensors from accidental knocks.

Transforming Style

Our unique armbands transform the look of a medical product to sports style accessory, like no other product on the market.

Suitability for activities

Librebands® and Dexbands are designed for movement and are perfect when wearing a sensor out and about and when playing sports, exercising and swimming (see below).

Building confidence

Since our launch in 2019, we’ve received many positive comments from customers about how wearing the armband makes them less self-conscious and actually gives confidence.

Great Comfort

All the elements of our Librebands and Dexbands have been designed to ensure the wearer's comfort with a high specification in the materials used and attending to every detail, even when not evident to the wearer.


The armband strap is made from soft neoprene which is water-resistant and sweat-wicking so allowing the skin to 'breathe' and letting moisture escape.


Librebands are made to adjust to suit an individual's comfort with adjustable sizing secured with Velcro®.The armbands can be used repeatedly time and time again, unlike stickers and patches. 


Librebands are particularly suitable if you're a swimmer. They are used by many swimmers who swim for extended periods of time, whether in a swimming pool, open water or the sea. Customers have also worn them for a variety of water-based activities such as water rides and hot tubs.

A key advantage of using an armband in water is that they protect sensors from the friction of water and being able to remove the armband means that water is less likely to accumulate underneath the sensor's adhesive, which can be a cause of them coming off and irritation too. In addition, this allows the skin to 'breathe'.

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How do our armbands compare?

Our Libreband straps are made of neoprene which makes them more comfortable than straps made of elastic, and they dry quickly too.

Librebands have been extensively tested for durability in a variety of situations including at a water park, in a sauna and whilst participating in a wide range of gym classes, from yoga to more hard-core body combat. Previous customers include a competitive swimmer and several triatheletes!

Librebands are available in a range of colours intended to match in with current trends in sports and lounge wear. The faceplate designs allow wearers to make a positive statement about their condition, and the straps are individually edged to complement the design. All production and assembly is carried out in the UK.

Libreband is only available from Love My Libre® Ltd.

See how Librebands compare with stickers and patches:

We have received many positive comments and 5 star reviews from customers.


2nd one

Fast delivery arrived within two days of ordering. Great service. And protects the sensor from being knocked off which I kept doing before I got the armband.
Tracy, June 2022.




This was purchased for my daughter. The material is strong, quality is good and it protects the sensor very well. Customer service was very good as well. Highly recommended.
Vivien, May 2022.



Excellent service

With my libreband I now feel confident getting in the water and look forward to spending some actual time in the pool. It is well made, and easy to apply. The service has been fantastic. I would happily recommend.
Martin, May 2022.


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If you have any questions about our Librebands or Dexbands, you can check our FAQ page here or email us:



This is not an endorsement of FreeStyle Libre[1] or Abbott. The author has type 1 diabetes and uses the FreeStyle Libre 2 which is prescribed by the NHS.

[1] FreeStyle Libre is a registered trademark of Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.