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Does what it's intended for when I go swimming.
Would be nice if the band came in lighter/flesh colour

I’m soooooo stylish!

Wear this when playing squash and cycling to protect against bumps and scrapes with either fellow competitors or even the road surface! Fits well and you don’t know it’s there.

Very pleased

The armband makes me feel that my sensor is secure when doing exercises.

John J

Excellent piece of kit


Libreband Armband for Freestyle Libre 1 & 2, Teal Heart. I wore it for the first time 7 Sept 23 at a Aqua aerobics class. I asked one of the life guards to tighten the armband for me. We had to be chest high in water so I needed to wear the armband. It worked, it did not fall off and when I took it off I could still see my readings. As it was away from my phone I had no signal anyway but I did eat extra food before class so not to go low whilst exercising.

Libre band

Very nice don't really know how long it will last ,I will have to wait and see

Love the colour

Have just bought my second Libreband armband. This time I chose the pink one in the next size up. Love it. So comfy and keeps water out when I shower. Going swimming in Cornwall in a few weeks so hope it does as well.

Libre 2 armband

So far this has been a god send. I have managed to keep my libre 2 disc on for the two weeks. Prior to this I kept catching it on shower door. Great product and comfortable to wear. I have purchased a second one to rotate when one getting washed.

Freestyle libre 2 armband

Excellent product, fits my 10 year old perfectly and kept his libre dry and safe in his showers and (long) baths!

Super product

I have bought 2 of these items and love them. They look good, they are easy to apply, they stay in place, they keep water out. What more could you ask for. Highly recommend it.

Armband for Libre 2 Pryramids

Good service and armband does the job well. Very expensive though!

Libre 2 armband

Easy to apply. Using the armband makes it easier walking in crowds where people are wearing backpacks as the constantly hit your arm when walking by

Amazing 😍

Amazing quality product, comfortable fit and worked perfectly. We just came back from 10 days in France (lots of swimming, sand and sun cream!) and we didn't lose one Dexcom - would highly recommend. Super fast delivery, beautifully packaged and my daughter loved the T1D warrior badge that came with it too. Thank you so much ❤️


Last year I lost my libre sensor after an hour in the sea, and have lost a few over the year catching the sensor on doors and frames. I purchased a Libreband Armband last week for this week's holiday in Corfo. Spending a lot of time in the sea and diving of a boat, the librarian hasn't let me down at all. Well worth the money.

The Best

I swim regularly almost on a daily basis and have found this product to be the absolute best having tried a number of other things to keep my libre sensor secured none have been as good or done the job as well as this armband, it gives me the peace of mind I’m looking for.

Excellent service ,ordering and delivery. Got to be worth every penny of the price when you consider the inconvenience and cost of knocking your sensor off on the door frame.
Highly recommended

Excellent service

My daughter loves her new Libreband. Having been told the day after I purchased a libre 2 band we would then be going onto the libre 3, you kindly exchanged the bands for us. Thank you so much! Excellent customer service 😊

Brilliant Idea

I bought two armbands and have been wearing one permanently since I changed my sensor 12 days ago. It’s been great. Very comfortable to wear all day and protects in the shower too. Just yesterday I reached into the car to get something and caught my arm on the door frame but the armband saved the day. The sensor would not have survived without the protection the armband provides. Great product and brilliant service. Thanks.


Really pleased with my band, fits really well and is comfy. Does a great job of protecting my sensor when playing sports etc. would definitely buy again. Thank you!

Does the job

I have now swam with this a couple of times and it does the job...

One of the best

One of the best arms I’ve used, I had a Libre in the past and brought different bands, but now I’ve got a Dexcom this band is amazing. Especially as I work in my local A&E and always knocking myself and used to worry about knocking my Dexcom off.. this band holds it really in place and is very comfortable.

life changer

a few times before i had my armband i would knock my arm and my sensor would come off and i would have to put a new one on and it was a waste of money but if i knock my arm it stays on so i am really happy i found this

Best Armband on the market

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just a little over a year ago at the age of 33, I have played contact sports at professional levels but of course retired but kept myself in training, I have recently been having problems going back to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with sensor after sensor coming off so felt I was at the end of the line of being able to do this anymore, until I got my LoveMyLibre Band, it is comfortable and keeps my sensor protected, I still wrap a bandage over the top just to make sure it doesn’t move but that’s just my paranoia kicking in lol, I did try other bands from Amazon but they either kept popping off as they were designed poorly or they just didn’t really do anything other than act as a visual aid. The lovemylibre also comes in various designs and colours, but I chose the grey pyramid design and to be honest has gave me a little more self confidence wearing t-shirts without getting comments like “is that your Mrs tracking system” or “what is that THING on your arm!” I would love to do a full video review on this for my new YouTube and Instagram channel that I will be launching the end of the year to show people tips and tricks to still stay active, diet, and live a normal day to day while dealing with diabetes, please let me know if your ok with me doing so LoveMyLibre team? My personal instagram is @joetrottz if anyone would like to get in contact with me to ask questions on this product, and I will be as honest with you as possible, but I have to say for the price and what it’s used for I give a 5* rating!


Bought for my 10 year old daughter. The small fits perfectly and she loves it. Wearing it today for her school trip and will be very useful on holiday when she will do lots of swimming. Will also come in useful for her school residential next year when she will be doing lots of different activities.

Libre band

I brought one of these for my girlfriend and she loves it. It’s very efficient at what it’s made for, easy to take on and off, has kept her libre sensor safe when walking dogs and showering couldn’t ask for anything better.