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I enjoyed my first aquafit session,since starting with libre, yesterday. The band felt secure and I was confident to be in the pool for longer than the stipulated 30 minutes.
It is a bit fiddly fastening the velcro with one hand, but will probably become easier as I get used to it.

Perfect !

This works really well to protect the sensor - once fitted you don’t notice it is there ! Easy to order and quick delivery. Updates probably bided as to when it would arrive. Good sizing guide.


purchased the Libreband armband for my son as he has problems with Libre sensors falling off. I would highly recommend the product he said it is comfortable to wear and works well. Fast delivery too.

Best sensor protector on the market

I bought an armband for my CGM over a year ago. I recently bought and used a cheaper copy of the armband but it was awful. Really uncomfortable. Ive tried the sensor covers (plasters) but they are awkward to apply. This armband is comfortable is comfortable and easy to put on. Once on I forgot I’ve got it on.

T1 and clumsy

This armband is amazing I'm so pleased with it however I forgot to put it on this morning and knocked my sensor off maybe I should have bought 2 !
Many thanks for my armband i will recommend it to others

Love my libre

Absolutely brilliant idea, well done. I never had any confidence with the sensor staying on for the fourteen days, I had so many fall off or got knocked off. I feel so confident now, it’s great and the armband really works

Makes a huge difference

Being the active outdoor instructor I am Love my Libre has been life changing in protecting my Sensor due my busy active days

Love it best thing ever not worried any more about catching it or getting it wet brilliant

Highly recommended

As a new Libre Freestyle user, I was concerned at the ease with which the sensor could be dislodged. That has been resolved entirely by the LmL armband. It provides a real sense of security without looking at all “medical”. Perhaps there’s scope to take the aesthetics even further - possibly a leather version with chiselled Viking runes and shield motif over the sensor! The possibilities are endless. Nice also to support a deserving small family business

Comes up small

I’m small with slim arms but find the small size only just fits. Wish I’d ordered the medium size.

My saviour

I love this band its saved my libre from quite a few door frames. I t was becoming embarrassing keep phoning for a replacement

I am really not a lover of the libre free style, so I am hoping that love my libre helps solve the problem of keeping this great idea a workable product.

Whilst my Libre2 sensors are, fortunately, free on the NHS one still feels bereft when you lose one by inadvertently knocking it off! I've lost a few; squeezing into the car and hitting the top of the door, reaching for very hard to reach items in the supermarket and catching it on the shelf. NO MORE! Whilst looking cool (whilst not always visible unless wearing short sleeves) the armband is easy to fit snuggly over the sensor and doesn't move until you want it to. Obviously (and importantly) scanning the sensor with your phone is no different to scanning without the band on. RECOMMENDED!

Best thing Ive ever had to keep it on xxx


I got my Libre, 2 weeks ago. I invested in a Love My Libre, to wear when I go to bed. It's so comfortable, you don't even realise you're wearing it. It gives me peace of mind, that I'm not going to knock the sensor off, as I'm quite a restless sleeper. ❤😎

Amazing Product

I bought this specifically for my holiday to Mexico as I haven't been on holiday or swimming since starting to use the Libre 2 and this band was comfortable, easy to use and I didn't even think about my sensor. It scanned with no issues whilst wearing the band too.

Libre armband

I've only been using the armband for just about 10 days after using patches for a couple of months, very good quality and easy to use, just be careful when putting your clothes on or off the velcro can catch but the sensor can catch without the armband.

Libra armband

Very good. I wear it when my sensor is not covered by my clothes and it stops me catching it of knocking it.

Easy to use, comfortable, and adjustable while on my arm. Wear it swimming and showering. Basically on my arm all the time as I have a bad habit of catching the sensor and ripping it off.

Great armband

We've tried all sorts of stickers to keep my 6 year old daughter's libre in place however this has been the best solution. It looks neat and tidy and she can take it off when she likes. The customer service was brilliant from the start as we were worried about the sizing.

libre 2 armband

Fantastic all round


Good product, I bought it because I like to swim, and this armband makes it much easier, only one thing of Improvement, it's not drying up quickly after swimming.


Easy to order, quick delivery, looks and fits perfect too!

Great product

On time delivery, great product, thank you

Libre 2 armband

Perfect, does the job its made for. Prompt and efficient service.