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Freestyle Libre 2 CGM Sports & Swim Armband - Pewter Pyramids Libreband

Size: S (20-30cm)
🧵Sizing Information
Libreband & Dexband Sizing Instructions

 Sizing measurements

The measurements for our armbands are based on upper arm circumference, so customers are advised to measure around the part of the arm where the CGM/sensor is going to be positioned – you can use a tape measure or alternatively, a piece of string and ruler. 

 Small Medium Large
20cm - 30cm 25cm - 45cm 40cm - 55cm
8"-12" 10" - 18" 15.5" - 21.5"


Smaller sizes and child sizes are available on request and there’s no extra charge for these.


Libreband fitting & tips for a comfortable wear

  1. For the first wear of the armband, you will need to make sizing adjustments to get a good fit. This is achieved by pulling the strap through the plastic sliderto find the right position so that it comfortably fits around the circumference of the upper arm. Some trial and error may be necessary to get this right initially. Assistance from another person may also help.
  2. The velcro on each side of the strap should always align. It is there to secure the armband in place, not for overall sizing. The velcro is the optimum size for the armband when sized correctly - it should not be too short or flap, and the armband should not slip. It does not need to be pulled tight. It is NOT like elastic.
  3. Once adjusted for the first wear, the slider should notneed to be adjusted and the strap should not be undone.
  4. To wear the armband, simply slide it (or 'walk' it) up and down the arm and lift the cover carefully over the sensor. For some users, help from another person can make this easier.
  5. To maintain a good, comfortable fit, small adjustments can be made with the velcro by unfastening and re-fastening. Arm sizes can vary slightly throughout the dayand also change in different conditions and climate. Remember, the armband should not be able to slip, nor be be pulled tight.
  6. An explanation of how to make the fitting adjustments is given on the reverse of "Your Libreband" card in the packaging. There is also a demonstration about the sizing on this video, on our website and YouTube:

Below is a copy of the sizing card included with all orders.

Fitting Information for Librebands & Dexbands.


Secure your Freestyle Libre 1 or 2 CGM with Libreband confidence!

Armband with black neoprene strap and Pyramids design on pewter coloured cover.

Wearing a Libreband will keep your CGM attached for full 14 days and can be reused time and time again.

Fully participate in sports, swimming and water activities.

🛡High quality protective cover:
Manufactured to be tough and durable against knocks.

💧 Water-resistant neoprene strap:
Suitable for swimming and water activities. Prevents friction of water affecting sensor adhesion. 

🏀 Suitable for sports and exercise:
Neoprene strap that stretches with activity to securely hold sensor in place.

🪶 Comfortable to wear:
Avoids skin irritation associated with tape and stickers. No elastic or latex.

🙌  Easy to put on and remove:
Wear as and when needed. Replaces the need for tape or stickers over the sensor.

⏳ Long lasting protection: 
Reusable for repeated wear. Use for months, and many sensors.

💪Flexible sizing:
Flexible sizing with slider adjustment and secure velcro fastening. Sizes for adults and children. Please email us for child sizing -

Libreband armbands transform the appearance of a medical device into a wearable sports-style accessory.

Wearing an armband gives confidence to wearing a sensor and takes away the worry of it being knocked or falling off.

Perfect for holidays, exercising, swimming and everyday wear in all seasons and climates.

This armband is individually made to order and sealed for hygiene purposes. See return policy here.

Also suitable for use with non-diabetes metabolic and wellness programs using Freestyle Libre CGM including Nutrisense, Zoe, Levels, Supersapiens, Veri,, Vively and  Superhuman.


FreeStyle Libre sensor shown for illustration only. No sensor is included with any purchase of this product.



Customer Reviews

Based on 193 reviews
Toni B.
Lovely cover

They are very comfy, not been swimming with it on, but wearing it in the shower, it does take a long time to dry, my only quibble 😁

Nina P.

Great especially if busy you don't need to worry about your sensor.

Steve E.

Been wanting something like this for a while but manufacturers didn’t suggest this existed so happy found this to help in water activity.

Gordon L.

I wear it in the shower to make sure sensor doesn't get too wet.

Linda C.

this is the second one i have bought after the hospital very kindly taking the last one off and throwing it away when i was admitted, they are brilliant and i have never had a libre fall off since buying my first one.

Transform your medtech to sports style accessory from Love My Libre!