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Love My Libre Review of 2021

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Love My Libre Review of 2021


We are delighted to have helped over 1,000 sensor wearers with keeping their sensor on this year! And enabled those customers to transform their sensor from a medical device to a stylish accessory. A huge thank you to all!

We would also like to thank those of you following us on social media, reading our Libre Life articles, blogs and online magazine and for sending your photos, reviews and comments throughout the year.

Below we have highlighted some facts about Love My Libre and Libre Life in 2021, which we thought may be of interest.


There have been over 52,000 visitors to our website and we know that this covers those from a wide range of backgrounds and vocations, including teachers, care workers, military and police personnel, farmers, roofers, and both amateur and professional athletes.

Our reach is global too with Librebands and Dexbands going out to over 103 countries worldwide.

Libre Life blogs are extremely popular and over 13,000 people have read our top blog about Libre 3, with most blogs averaging over 6,000 readers.

Our Top 5 Blogs of 2021



  1. Libre 3 - Has a new star been born? Click to read now
  2. Swimming with a Libre sensor. Click to read now
  3. What advice would you give to new sensor users? Click to read now
  4. 10 Tips for getting your Libre sensor to stick. Click to read now
  5. About libre sensor with Bubble, Miaomiao and Blucon. Click to read now

Best selling Librebands

  1. Pewter Libreband with Wave Design
  2. Teal Libreband with Wave Design
  3. Magenta Libreband with Heart Design

Best selling Dexband

Dexband armband strap in pewter with T1D design by Love My Libre.

Pewter Dexband T1D Design

Top 5 countries for Librebands & Dexbands



  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. Canada
  4. Spain
  5. Netherlands

Furthest delivery

Kiwi sign on New Zealand road.

In February we posted a Dexband to Canterbury on New Zealand's South Island.

That's 11,767 miles from our office in the UK.

UK destinations

Love My Libre UK Sales map for 2021.

Our reach has extended all over the UK in 2021. Most popular destinations:

  1. London
  2. Birmingham and Coventry
  3. Manchester and Stockport
  4. Glasgow
  5. Sheffield
  6. Chelmsford
  7. Blackpool
  8. Southampton
  9. York

If you're wearing your Libreband or Dexband out, keep an eye out for others wearing their sensor with style.

Our busiest month

July calendar image representing busiest month for Love My Libre. 

It's not surprising July is the busiest for sales as it's the height of summer (sometimes!) and the time when sensors are most likely to need protecting from being knocked.


Best wishes for the Christmas period and all the best for 2022.

Thank you!

Samantha and Ben

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