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Diabetes Events: Autumn 2023

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Below are some of the opportunities this autumn to educate yourself, get better informed and meet others with diabetes, whether virtual or in person.

Some of these are free, others have a small charge. International conferences can require considerable expense although many advocates attend these on the basis of being sponsored to do so, sometimes paid-for by medtech companies. Advance registration is usually required.

UK Events, in person & online


Adult Type 1 Diabetes Technology

4 November 2023, Virtual Event

This JDRF event focuses on sharing the most up-to-date information within the world of diabetes technology.

More information here.


Image from JDRF UK showing female wearing CGM on upper arm.

Managing your Wellbeing with Type 1 Diabetes – Virtual Discovery Event

20 January 2024, Virtual Event

This JDRF event is for anyone living with type 1 diabetes looking to learn about how to manage wellbeing. The event will encompass approaches and ideas around nutrition, mental health, physical activity and socialising in younger and older groups.

More information here.


Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK poster for Diabetes Tech and You event.

Diabetes Tech and You Conference

14 October 2023, Online

The latest updates and innovations from experts in diabetes tech, listen to real stories of how people are using tech day-to-day and leave more confident to talk about tech.

Find out more here.



Banner advert for EXTOD Conference for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes.

EXTOD Conference for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

11 November 2023, Oxford

Exercising for Type 1 Diabetes (EXTOD) is a 1-day education programme focusing on managing glucose around exercise for adults living with Type 1 diabetes.

The course is aimed at T1s who exercise regularly or are planning to start to train for a specific event. It involves workshops in small groups and some preparation prior to the course is required.

Find out more here.


DRWF (Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation)

DRWF Events Listing

Details about the DRWF events is on the website here as well as more events into 2024. 


International Events

ISPAD Conference banner.

ISPAD (International Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes)

18-21 October 2023ISPAD Annual Conference, Rotterdam - The Netherlands

ISPAD is a professional organization whose aims are to promote clinical and basic science, research, education and advocacy in children, adolescents and young adults with diabetes.

More about this event here


World Diabetes Day 2023

World Diabetes Day 2023

Don't forget it's World Diabetes Day on Tuesday 14th November 2023.

Find out about events celebrating the date in our blog 'Diabetes Awareness Month: November 2023. Click here.



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