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In this update we are covering the news stories from June 2024, keeping you informed whether you are managing your own diabetes or doing so as a carer.



Diabetes Awareness Week poster

Diabetes Week 10-16 June 2024

This year's Diabetes Week, an annual event led by Diabetes UK, focuses on the health checks you need when you have diabetes.
Annual checks play an important role in keeping on top of diabetes management and ensuring any problems are picked up early. 
Read more about what checks you should be getting here.


James Norton to read diabetes story on CBeebies Bedtime

Actor, James Norton, most recently known for his role in Happy Valley, and a T1D himself, will this Friday read the story on CBeebies Bedtime. Timed to coincide with Diabetes Week and promoted by Diabetes UK, James will read "How to Manage a Mammoth, a story which aims to help families deal with a diagnosis of T1D.

Find out more here.


FreeStyle Libre 2 Plus Rollout Details & Pump Integration

FreeStyle Libre 2 Plus is being rolled out in the UK during June and now offers integration with Tandem and Omnipod pumps. However, there are some limitations to using one of these with the new sensor, especially as you'll need a separate handset and won't be using the Libre 2 app.
If you're wondering about the differences between this new option and the current Libre 2 or 3 click here for our look at the features of the Libre 2 Plus sensor and comparisons with other Libre sensors.


JDRF Rebrands

International type 1 diabetes charity, JDRF has rebranded as Breakthrough T1D. Following over 2 years of market research, the charity now want to appeal to a more inclusive community, not just the young, whilst also recognising their role in developing breakthrough solutions and potential cures for T1D.

JDRF UK's CEO, Karen Addington, described the change of name as being one "that truly expresses our impact, our ambition and our steadfast support of the entire T1D community".

The name change will roll out in the UK in October 2024.

Click here to go to read more.


Mounjaro gets NHS go-ahead

Mounjaro, brand name of the drug Tirzepatide and colloquially referred to as the 'King Kong' of obesity jabs, has received draft approval for weight loss for those severely obese, on the NHS.
This follows NICE's approval for use of the drug for diabetes earlier this year. Final guidelines for England are likely to be issued after a NICE review set for 13 August 2024.
However, Scotland have already announced that Mounjaro will be available there and the Scottish Medicines Consortium have estimated that around 30,000 people per year will receive the weekly treatment.
Read more here.


Abbott gets FDA approval for 2 new CGM 

Abbott have received clearance from the FDA for two new over-the-counter (ie prescription not needed) CGMs, the Lingo and Libre Rio.
The Lingo is aimed at 'health-conscious' people and the Libre Rio is for Type 2 diabetics who don’t rely on insulin. These new devices will put Abbott in direct competition with Dexcom's newly launched Stelo CGM.
Click here for details.


Tandem Mobi now compatible with Decom G7 CGM

Tandem have announced that their Mobi insulin pump with Control-IQ technology is now fully compatible with both the Dexcom G7 and Dexcom G6.
Tandem will email all Mobi users in the United States over the coming weeks, when their software update is available, with instructions on how to add the new feature free of charge 
Click here for event details.


Weekly insulin shown to be as effective as daily doses

Eli Lilly's weekly insulin, Efsitora, has been shown in 2 separate studies to reduce average blood sugar ie. A1C, in patients with type 2 diabetes by as much as daily insulin.
Assessment looked at results over a period of 52 weeks and found that Efsitora reduced levels by 1.34% when compared to 1.26% for insulin Degludec. Patients taking Efsitora also spent 45 minutes more time in range and 37 more minutes in tight range on average daily. Whilst, this is promising news, once-weekly insulin has not yet been approved in the US.
Read more here.


But, Novo Nordisk's weekly insulin fails to get approval

In contrast to Eli Lilly's success with Efsitora, Novo Nordisk's weekly insulin, Icodec branded as Awigli, has not been given approval by the FDA over concerns use can lead to low blood sugar. the FDA's panel of independent experts stated that Icodec's benefits do not outweigh the risks for type 1 patients.
Read more here. 


Insulet loses US protection against EO Flow pod design

A legal judgement preventing the sale of EO Flow's tubeless patch pump, a potential rival to the Omnipod, has now removed restrictions imposed after Insulet brought a case against the Korean company for copying its Ominpod design.
EO Flow are reported to be now be resuming sales of their EOPatch (GlucoMen Day Pump) which is smaller and slimmer than Omnipod's current products.
Medtronic called off plans to buy EO Flow back in December 2023. Click here for more about the EOPatch.


Men with diabetes more 'at risk'

A long-term study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health has suggested that men are more at risk of cardiovascular disease, leg, foot, and kidney complications, and diabetic retinopathy than women, regardless of whether they have diabetes for more or less than 10 years.
The study followed 25,000 people including those with T1D and T2D for 10 years to track diabetes complications.
Click here to read details in the BMJ. 


Updated chart for T1D CGM Choice on NHS

Details of the choices available for type 1s on the NHS is available in this updated chart produced by the Diabetes Specialist Nurse Forum UK. 
Click here for chart to open as pdf.


FDA approves Cambridge-developed artificial pancreas

CamDiab has received authorisation from the FDA for its adaptive hybrid closed-loop app, CamAPS FX, as an ‘interoperable automated glycaemic controller device’. The analogue app has already been CE-marked for use in the UK and the EU.
CamAPS FX is currently being used by more than 27,000 people in 15 countries across Europe and Australia. 
Click here to read more.


Scottish government announces £8.8 million T1D funding

The Scottish government have announced additional funding to enable diabetes technology for hybrid closed loops to reach all children and more adults with T1D in the country.
Although NHS Scotland allocated £14.6m in 2022 to increase access to HCL technology, too many patients are still struggling to get access and it's hoped this new funding will put Scotland on the same footing as England when it comes to HCL. The announcement comes following Diabetes UK's campaign 'Tech Can't Wait' and support from the community including 'The Tech Collective'.
Click here to read more.



Take part in T2D study trialling Libre 3

A study being carried out by NHS specialists and sponsored by Abbott are looking for participants with type 2 on basal insulin to help them evaluate how using a Libre 3 can improve glucose control. The study involves an 8 month trial of Libre 3 with medical oversight.

Click here to read about the trial and how to apply.

Sleep Study

Leicester Diabetes Centre are looking to recruit participants for their CODEC Study (Chronotype of Patients with Diabetes and Effect on Glycaemic Control) which is looking to establish if being a 'night owl' or 'lark' has any bearing on a patient’s ability to control their blood sugar levels, among other biological measures.

Researchers are looking to recruit adults between 18 and 75 years of age with established type 1 or type 2 diabetes and who do not have a known sleep disorder. The study is currently running across six sites: Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln, Northampton and Kettering. So far, 1196 participants have been recruited out of a 3447 target with the study continuing until December 2027.

Female in lab

20,000 participants needed for T1DRA Study

The T1DRA Study is looking to recruit 20,000 UK adults, between 18 and 70 years old, to measure the risk markers of type 1 diabetes.

Researchers at Bristol University are looking for participants from all backgrounds and ethnicities to take part so that they can accurately represent the adult UK population. Whilst this doesn't include those already diagnosed with T1D, it certainly is a study to encourage friends and family to get involved with.


Marathon runners

Paris Olympics: Watch out for Athletes wearing CGMs!

An increasing number of athletes are using CGMs to look for insights into how to fuel for optimum performance and this summer's Olympics in Paris is likely to put the medtech clearly on show.

Amongst those using a glucose monitor is Dutch marathoner Nageeye, who won silver at the Tokyo Olympics. He has been seen previously wearing a FreeStyle Libre sensor, as part of a sponsorship deal with Abbott. In preparation for Paris he is reported to have said the monitoring blood glucose is "part of his quest for an effortless run".

Find out more here.


Ireland: Men's Health Week! 

Joining in with Men's Health Week (w/c 10th June), Diabetes Ireland are asking men "Are you at risk of type 2 diabetes?"

Click here to read their Top 3 Tips for Men.



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