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Thank you for participating in the quiz!

We had a really strong response to the quiz and received positive feedback from participants including the below comments. Thank you to everyone who took part and we hope you have received, and will be using, your reward of a discount for Love My Libre products.

Very interesting. I still have a lot to learn.

Annette J

The quiz was very good.


This was very interesting. 


 The average score was 49% and the time taken averaged 6 1/2 minutes.

We have collated the responses from the first 300 participants in order to show you the results.

The correct answers are: 1.B 2.A 3.B 4.D 5.B 6.C 7.D 8.C 9.A 10.D 11.D 12.C 13.A

For more details on the right answers please read the below comments. And if you're interested to see how others faired, you can get an idea from the below charts.  The correct answer is always the one shown in green.

Question 1

Data chart for Q1 Diabetes News Quiz 2022.

The first responses to this question showed that not many participants had followed this news story. However, 39% ticked 'The Queen' and got it correct but a significant number, 33% did think it may be Theresa May. Incidentally, do you know that Theresa May is a type 1 herself and uses a FreeStyle Libre?

Question 2

Data chart for Q2 Diabetes News Quiz 2022.

A clear majority of 55% knew the answer was a Senseonics sensor could be implanted for up to 6 months. It is a surgical procedure currently available in the USA.

Question 3

Data chart for Q3 Diabetes News Quiz 2022.

74% of participants were correct and knew that although FreeStyle Libre was launched in the UK, the availability is very limited. It is a source of frustration and misunderstanding as to why it's not more widely available to PWD in the UK.

FreeStyle Llibre 3 cannot be purchased by self-funding and has to be applied for by Consultants/Diabetes teams rather than prescribed through GPs. This approach has meant there is currently a 'postcode lottery' to getting a FreeStyle Libre 3 on the NHS.

Question 4

Data chart Q4 Diabetes News Quiz 2022.

This question shows there's a high awareness, 74%, that all type 1s should be able to get access to either a flash or CGM as standard. The only criteria that applies is that the person has type 1 diabetes, although there are still some areas adding additional criteria. This is not required by the NICE guidelines and could prevent a PWD getting standard care!

Question 5

Data chart Q5 Diabetes News Quiz 2022.

The most popular answer was that the FreeStyle Libre 3 did not give users a 12 hour grace period and this was chosen by 61% of participants.

This feature, which is available on Dexcom's latest CGM, the G7, enables users to chose a suitable time to change their sensor up to 12 hours after a sensor has expired. It gives individuals flexibility without worrying about losing data and allows use of a sensor for the full 10 day period.

Question 6

Data chart Q6 Diabetes News Quiz 2022.

Getting CGMs prescribed to PWD who are pregnant has been a huge achievement by the NHS and perhaps it surprised participants that the answer was 98% have been offered the medtech. Most quizzers chose the lowest option of 75% with 98% only chosen by 21%, in 3rd place. 

Question 7

Q7 Diabetes News Quiz 2022.

A majority of 56% of participants chose the correct answer of California. There has been considerable publicity around the state's plans covered in the media. An interesting podcast explaining the plans is available for free: Click here (external link). 

Question 8

Q8 Data chart for Diabetes News Quiz 2022.

The Human Trial is the correct answer, not to be confused with the Diabetes Solution) which by the title could easily fit the question. Both of these films  were chosen by 40% of participants.

We have recently published a review of the Human Trial. Click here to read now. 

Question 9

Data chart for Q9 Diabetes News Quiz 2022.

Over half of respondents, 53% chose the correct answer. The bioXensor offers lots of hope that PWD will not need to put a filament or needle into the skin to monitor glucose levels.

Question 10

Data chart for Q10 Diabetes News Quiz 2022.

The answers to this question showed an almost 3-way split between the higher choices. The correct answer only narrowly chosen by the majority, 33%.

I wonder if many participants were surprised to discover that the answer to this question was an incredible $13,850 for a vial of this new preventative drug.

Question 11

Data chart for Q11 Diabetes News Quiz 2022.

This question was clearly answered incorrectly as over 55% chose Novo Nordisk as the medtech manufacturer suffering a fall in share price, 27% chose the correct answer of Eli Lilly. However, this may be because Novo Nordisk is a more commonly used insulin in the UK - the country of residence of most participants in this quiz.

Question 12

Data chart for Q12 Diabetes News Quiz 2022.

The majority of answers chose 3 which represented 36% of participants. This may in part be becasuse although approved for use by the NHS, unfortunately not all have  been listed for use in every area. The correct answer of 4 was selected by only 19% of participants.

The four systems that are approved for use by type 1s on MDI are FreeStyle Libre 2, Dexcom ONE, GlucoMen Day and GlucoRx AiDEX.

Question 13

Data chart for Q13 Diabetes News Quiz 2022.
It seems there's lots of anticipation of closed loops and most likely hope that these will become more widely available, are more easily be accessible. Over 52% had the correct answer although it's worth not ing that 31% thought it could be mental health support - perhaps this is an area that needs more resources for type 1s? There are some links to wellbeing contacts on our webpage here.



We hope you were able to answer some of the questions and if you didn't score as highly as you hoped, or if you would like to keep more up-to-date with diabetes news, please do subscribe to receive emails from Libre Life.
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