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In this update we are covering the news stories from February 2024, keeping you informed whether you are managing your own diabetes or doing so as a carer. More recent news articles are added at the top of this page.

 Tandem Diabetes Care insulin pump on runner's upper thigh.

Image courtesy of Tandem Diabetes Care



Omnipod hybrid closed loop system for diabetes.

Omnipod 5 gets CE mark for integration with Libre 2 Plus

Insulet (owner of Omnipod) have received a CE mark for use of the Omnipod 5 with a Libre 2 Plus sensor enabling the tubeless patch pump to be used as a hybrid closed loop.

 The FreeStyle Libre 2 Plus sensor is a modified version of the standard FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor, which was cleared by the FDA in 2023, for use with AID systems. It is the only CGM available in the United States with a wear time of 15 days for both adults and children.

Talking about diabetes (TAD) Comes to Liverpool event advert.

Talking About Diabetes event ballot now open!

Note added 2 March 2024: Registration is now closed.

Registration for the ticket ballot for this year's Talking About Diabetes (TAD) event is now open with the event being held on 25th May 2024 in Liverpool.

Dexcom One+ system for diabetes hybrid closed loop.

Dexcom ONE+ launches using G7 sensor

Dexcom have launched their latest CGM, the Dexcom ONE+ which uses a G7 sensor. Dexcom say they are responding to feedback from healthcare professionals and customers and that the G7 technology means that they now offer an all-in-one sensor, very easy to apply and use ie. similar application to Freestyle Libre and there's not a separate transmitter.

Dexcom One+ will be available imminently in Spain, Belgium, Poland. and the Netherlands with additional countries to follow in the next few months. In some countries the Dexcom ONE+ will replace the existing Dexcom ONE.

Click here to read press release.

Three images of Pharmasens diabetes pump products.

New CGM & pump technology submitted to FDA by PharmaSens

PharmaSens, a privately onwned medtech company based in Switzerland, have submitted plans for their "niia essential" insulin pump system to the FDA for approval.

The designs of PharmSens products are really innovative and stylish with the company specifically tailoring their approach to "meet the unmet needs of the almost pumpers", an untapped market estimated to value around US$10 billion.

The styles could certainly revolutionise the image of wearing a pump! Clickhere for more information. 

Professor Pratik Choudhary

Leicester Professor appointed to DVLA Driving Panel

Professor Pratik Choudhary, a highly-regarded Diabetes Consultant at Leicester NHS Trust, has been appointed to one of the 6 medical advisory panels advising the DVLA on driving and diabetes.

Referring to use of medtech he stated "I also want to work with the DVLA on the potential for greater use of technology in diabetes, while at the same time making sure that the rules and regulations are appropriate to maintain safety ont he road". 

Read the press release  here.

 Qvin advert. There's power in your period.

US Company launch HbA1c tests using menstrual blood

US company, Qvin, have received FDA for their menstrual pad (Q-Pad) designed with a removable strip to collect blood samples for analysis of HbA1c, and have started to market these to US customers.
The Q-Pad is designed to be an alternative to traditional intravenous methods of drawing blood for a typical blood test. The aim is to enable women living with diabetes to have easier access to an HbA1c test. It already has approval for selling in Thailand.
Find out more here.

Tandem Mobi pump for diabetes.

World's smallest pump launches in US 

Tandem have announced the launch of the Mobi in the United States. Mobi is the world’s smallest, durable automated insulin delivery system for people living with diabetes, said to fit into the coin pocket of a par of jeans.

Read the press release here.



UK Researcher awarded funding to investigate how T1 develops from womb

A project led by a researcher at Leicester Diabetes Centre has been selected as one of five global research projects to to receive part of £1.5 million funding from JDRF and the Helmsley Charitable Trust.

Professor Claire Meek will be partnering with the Environmental Determinants of Islet Autoimmunity (ENDIA) Study to investigate the relationship between environmental factors and an individual's genes. The project involves monitoring close relatives of people with type 1, starting when they are still in the womb.

Read the full article by clicking here. Find out about the other projects in JDRF's blog here.

New Analysis of Type 2 risk to heart disease identifies biomarkers

A new analysis looking at why persons with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely as non diabetics to develop problems with their heart or blood circulation has found 13 biomarkers that could improve the prediction of cardiovascular risk in people with T2D. 

It's hoped the analysis could lead to changes to how people with diabetes are screened for heart disease.

Read the article in Nature Journal here.



Spare a Rose, Save a Life campaign.

Spare A Rose Appeal for your Valentine's donations

Every year, instead of gifting roses on Valentine's Day, the Spare a Rose charity appeal for donations that are used to support children and adults living with type 1 diabetes in under-resourced countries.

There's more about the appeal here.


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