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In this update we are covering the news stories from June/July 2023, keeping you informed whether you are managing your own diabetes or doing so as a carer.

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Libre 2 becomes real-time CGM 

An update to the Librelink app now gives users in the UK minute-by-minute glucose readings automatically to their phone, without the need to scan.
For some users the app has updated automatically, whilst for others (and me personally) you will need to delete the existing app and install the new version from the App Store then scan your sensor.
This applies to iPhones and there's no need to wait until the next sensor, it works straight away and it really is great to see the real-time reading whenever I glance at the phone. No scanning or waiting!
The same information should apply to Android too, although I haven't tested this myself.

New Dexcom product to target Type 2s

At the recent American Diabetes Association (ADA) conference, an annual event which is the largest gathering of diabetes researchers and healthcare professionals in the world, Dexcom unveiled their plans aimed at type 2s. 
A new product based on the G7 will be launched in 2024 for those managing glucose levels but not using insulin, which could be used by both type 2s and those identified as at risk or pre-diabetes. The new CGM system will come with a 15 day use sensor and use new software. 
Dexcom's CEO also confirmed that Dexcom 's G7 will be able to connect directly to a watch (probably Apple) by the end of this year.

FDA Approves Mobi Insulin Pump

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) ie. US Regulator, has cleared the Tandem Mobi insulin pump for use in managing diabetes in the US.

The pump unit is less than half the size of the t:slim X2 and is now the smallest available tubed pump in the world. It is fully controllable from a mobile app through a compatible smartphone.



Progress on Diabetes Cure using Stem Cells

Vertex recently announced that they have made big strides towards a cure for type 1 diabetes using stem cells.

Over a year after receiving the company’s stem-cell therapy, two type 1 diabetes patients no longer need to take insulin injections.

Trials for 6 patients using Vertex's VX-880 engrafted islet cells have shown that all are self-secreting insulin. Tests also show the patients have improved their HbA1c levels, time-in-range and a reduction or elimination of external insulin use (pump or MDI).

 By 2050 it is expected that over 1.3 billion people will be living with diabetes - more than double the number now and affecting every country and age group.

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