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In this update we are covering the news stories from August 2023, keeping you informed whether you are managing your own diabetes or doing so as a carer.

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NHS Criteria Revealed for Hybrid Closed Loops (HCL)

 Illustration of setup on body for hybrid closed loop.

Following a 3 month consultation period, NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) have published their draft guidelines for the use of hybrid closed loops (also referred to as an artificial pancreas) by Type 1s, through the NHS in England.

✅ All children aged 0-18 years with Type 1 will be eligible for a hybrid closed loop.

✅ Persons with Type 1 diabetes aged 18 years and older will be eligible if the following apply:

- HbA1c greater that 7.5%

- planning a pregnancy

- experience disabling hypos

The Guidelines refer to a 5 year rollout plan with priorities given as: 

Children (0-12); Children and Young Adults (13-19), pregnancy, existing adults who are pump users and wish to transfer to HCL and then extending to new pump users over time.

It's also worth noting that the NHS have identified 3 prerequisites to be able to implement the guidelines:

1. training must be in place ie. structured education provided to PWD before starting to use HCL

2. infrastructure needs to be in place ie. supplies, materials & facilities etc.

3. resources need to be available eg. trained staff etc.

These are only guidelines and this leaves open the possibility that differences in interpretation and adoption may mean that accessibility varies across the country.

Find out about Hybrid Closed Loop systems here.

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